Jessamine - Reflections

This is easily one of my favourite Jessamine songs, from Emily's Hop Pocket #777 7" released by Audrey's Diary in 1994. Zines that included 7"s were the 90s equivalent of the mp3 blog, and they were both fun and edumacational. This one includes interviews with Bark Psychosis and Labradford, and the 7" also included songs by Sabine and Buddha on the Moon. I don't know if more than one issue was ever produced...I don't think so. Pity. This short, punchy song starts with a thick, languid, circular guitar line and ends with "set phasers to stun" keyboard blasts.

Side A mp3: Jessamine - Reflections

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CP said...

Hey, boss. I dig your site; RSS subscriber & all that. Thx for the kind words re: EHP (and Veronica Lake earlier). This is the last issue of EHP -- though it was the first with a 7-inch. The previous six issues were just paper ... and more paper ... and some typos. I still have TONS of the EHP #7 'zine (I think; unless I "recycled" them) but, alas, no more of the 7-inches. Keep on keepin' on.