Henry's Dress/Tiger Trap 7"

More alphabet cheating, for the greater good. Solid split single from Tiger Trap and Henry's Dress, released on Slumberland Records circa 1994. Henry's Dress's scorcher "Feathers" was included on their self-titled 1994 release as well. Tiger Trap's "Alien Space Song" is less poppy than their norm, but no less effective/infectious.

Side A mp3: Tiger Trap - Alien Space Song
Side B mp3: Henry's Dress - Feathers


maura said...

that tiger trap song is my favorite track of theirs. so great.

harold hollingsworth said...

and that Henry's Dress song is sonic sunshine!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE repost or send me the Tiger Trap mp3! I only have the 7" and no way to get it onto my computer (don't even have a working record player) but it is one of my favorite songs of theirs!

G said...

OK, reposted.

To save bandwidth and to allow me to focus my time and energy on new posts, hereafter I will only keep mp3s that are listed on the front page of YSKOD active. I will no longer honour requests to repost older mp3s. Thanks.

Your forward-moving-but-past-mining host,

Matt said...

ive got this record! and what a fine record she is!

awesome blog.