(Good) Horsey - Go Light 7"

As promised, here is one of my favourite singles, from Good Horsey--who were just Horsey in 1993 when this was released on Vancouver's Trakshun Records. Horses went for "Band of", Horsey went for "Good". Word to the wise: If you're starting a horse-named band, do your homework first. I love the just-below-the-surface shrouded-by-pop rage on the A-side "Go Light", which features some catchy combinatorics of drum, guitar, bass, and voice. The B-side "I'm Not the Best" continues the controlled tirade. A nervous slap at guitar strings, a faded-in beat, a flail of skronk, backed with hushed, self-deprecating vocals. Eric would surely enjoy this Trip. But it's not all business here, as "Nice Lungs" ably demonstrates. Idyllic jangle pop backed with ukulele-like guitar and anatomically amorous lyrics. Good indeed.

Side A mp3: Horsey - Go Light
Side B mp3: Horsey - I'm Not The Best
Side B mp3: Horsey - Nice Lungs


pla said...

Thanks for putting these up! I'd forgotten how much I liked Good Horsey back in the day...

Anonymous said...

'go light' is an amazing song. thank you

safezone said...

thank you, i really like this. i cant find much information about the band but it seems like they had one full length. i would like to hear it if you have it, or really anything else you might have of theirs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Safezone,

Thanks for the thanks. Yes, Good Horsey put out one terrific album called "Kazue", which is very much worth tracking down if you liked what I've posted here. Mark Szabo, the band's ringleader, also put out some solo stuff too, including a 1,000 CD run of an album called "Chocolate Covered Bad Things" which is more mixed but has some great tracks. I also have a cassette by him called "Regressing" somewhere which I like more than the solo CD. Apparently he also had a band called Capozzi Park, but I have yet to hear them. If I start up a CD version of this blog down the road, I'll be sure to keep your requests in mind, but I won't be posting any CD stuff on this blog, sorry.

Here are some worthwhile links though:

Review of "Chocolate Covered Bad Things" by Destroyer's Dan Bejar (you can also order the solo CD here):

Dan Bejar and Marcy Emery recently released a CD called "The Mark Szabo Songbook" and you can read about it and access one mp3 here:

Interesting interview with Mark Szabo circa 2000:

YouTube video of The Mountain Goats which opens with a brief discussion about Mark Szabo:


Anonymous said...

I was listening to Destroyer and a song reminded of the Horsey demo tape I have which I bought at Scratch records sooo long ago. I decided to do a search online and you blog post was the first I came across. Looks like I was just a little late to be able download your converted MP3s. Haven't looked at anything else on your blog yet but plan to check it out a bit more. I'd like to say thanks even though I wasn't able to download the songs. It was great finding your blog today and have a happy holiday season.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

good horsey were my own personal velvet underground