Grifters - Holmes/Junkie Blood 7"

Memphis's Grifters; they were so big. Now I can't go to a used record shop without seeing piles of their stuff in the bargain bin. No matter, for those who wish to relive their rise to Brief Glory, or who want to learn what all the fuss was about, here's the first release on Darla Records, back in 1993. Proto(a)typical indie rock badassedness.

Side A mp3: Grifters - Holmes
Side B mp3: Grifters - Junkie Blood


Anonymous said...

good stuff. sorry i missed it the first time around. ted

jonderneathica said...

I missed out too, and now I am happily picking up the used cd's and vinyl that, as you say, seem to litter the bargain bins. There's no justice in this world. God bless the Grifters.