Good Horsey - The Last Customer 7" EP

Good Horsey were an inventive indie rock outfit from Vancouver, BC, Canada. However, this EP justifies their demise, sadly. Half the band's songs were so-so instrumentals, very possibly recorded under the influence of potent BC bud. The other half were usually top drawer indie pop/rock, sometimes on par with Television Personalities. No kidding. In fact, next week I will be sharing an earlier single from the band, before they were good, when they were far, far better. Trust me, it all makes perfect sense. That single is probably one of my top 3 favourites in my discography. So this week I am simply setting up the contrast. I'm only uploading the good ones from this EP though, because FileDen is being bad today. This was a three-way-joint-release (Shrimper, 18 Wheeler, and Baby Huey), and it came out in 1995; talk about diffusion of responsibility!

Side A mp3: Good Horsey - The Last Customer
Side B mp3: Good Horsey - Eleventy

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