Eva Luna - Kick Out (At The Things You Hate)/She Shines 7"

It's weird when a band and I disagree over which is the A-side and which is the B-side. This A-side, in name and in sound, is pretty bad. Dumb, even. I picture someone in ballet regalia gesturing sideways out from his hips in jaunty little scissor kicks; seems an ineffective means of eliminating one's enemy. You should definitely kick right at the things you hate. The B-side is dumb too, lyrically (a stock vapid shoegazer theme: shining), but judging by the picture on the verso, Eva Luna were just four young (English, I think) lads at the time, so let's forgive and forget on account of the rockingness of the music (as we must forgive the majority of shoegaze). Released on A Turntable Friend in 1992.

Side A mp3: Eva Luna - Kick Out (At The Things You Hate)

Side B mp3: Eva Luna - She Shines

P.S. And then, mind you, they put out this rockingly good news on the Calling At Duke Street compilation, also on A Turntable Friend, the next year...

Side A mp3: Eva Luna - From Here to Who Knows When

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