Famous Boyfriend - No-One Will Give You Anything 7"

Famous Boyfriend were a Hood side project. I'm a big fan of the sad A-side, which flaunts the great line "Do you know how I got home last night?". Ah, lamentation via the creation of art. So much easier than trying to change one's foibles. I'm less a fan of the noodly B-side, which the band appears not to have bothered to entitle. I'd have called it "noodly" and I'd also have left it off, creating an even more collectible one-sided 7". The B-side will appeal to fans of Main and fans of washing machine sounds (whose Venn diagrams largely overlap). Released on the wilfully obscure 555 Recordings label based out of the UK, in or around 1997.

Side A mp3: Famous Boyfriend - No-One Will Give You Anything
Side B mp3: Famous Boyfriend - Untitled

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william a said...

wow, excellent. did you get their self-produced cd-r, "making love all night wrong?" i'll trade you mp3s!