Eighthundred - Wunderkind/Inebriation 7"

Nuthin fancy here folks, just two textbook indie rock songs from a Chapel Hill band who missed the scene bus. Wunderkind is so...well, textbook. I like it, but it's so devoid of personality and, I dunno, swagger. But it rocks quite well. As for the B-side, well, it is Friday after all, so go on. It's hokey in chorus department, but there's a spiff bridge near the end. This came out, appropriately enough, on D-Tox, back in 1992, while bands like Superchunk and Polvo were sopping up some limelight.

Side A mp3: Eighthundred - Wunderkind
Side B mp3: Eighthundred - Inebriation

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