Ride - Sight of You/Deliverance

Speaking of records I've been yearning to burn, this unofficial 7" from 1990 was at the very top of my list...until I stumbled across the excellent 2003 Ride compilation "Waves" (featuring 17 BBC recordings from 1990-94). Ride is one of my favourite shoegazer bands, and I love both songs on this 7". Both songs are covers, too: "Sight of You" is a classic Pale Saints song, and "Deliverance" is actually "Severance" by Dead Can Dance. This record is one of the highlights of my collection. Only 500 copies were pressed in the UK, on lovely marbled purple vinyl no less. But, I have the songs on mp3, so there was no need to burn 'em. So, as you have deduced, this post is really just me bragging and torturing you for no good reason. But I'm about to post some other solid R-product to assuage my guilt. Do seek out the compilation if you're a fan.

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