The Ropers - Pretty Quiet Song/Sweet Lord I Know

OK, enough cruelty. For now. Another band I've been itching to convert to mp3 are The Ropers. I think The Ropers were one of the most underrated indie pop bands of the mid-90s (there were millions and millions of said bands, you know), and I think their early songs still sound glorious.

"Pretty Quiet Song" was released on I Wish I Was A Slumberland Record, as one half of a split tour-single with Boyracer, back in 1994.

Side B - The Ropers - Pretty Quiet Song [4 stars mp3]

But for me, the real pop gem nugget is "Sweet Lord I Know", released the same year, as a co-release between Richmond, Virginia's Brilliant Records and Germany's Giant Pool Balls Records. This record is also a split single, and features two songs by The Tribbles on the B side (one of which is also worth mining/pining for, and will show up on YSKOD eventually). If you can resist the harmonies and mope in this song, then perhaps you're still pissed at me for not posting those Ride songs. The rest of us have forgiven me (including me!), and we will turn this up and tingle away. Ahhhh...

Side A - The Ropers - Sweet Lord I Know [5 stars mp3]


Chris said...

Yes! I love The Ropers. Although the only album I have of theirs is All The Time.

By the way, I tracked down a copy of that Orange album on eBay. Thanks again for the help, and thanks for posting all these great tracks.

mark griffey said...

Actually, I disagree. If anything The Ropers were over-rated. I saw them play a couple times owned an album by them, and in hindsight there was absolutely nothing original about them.

zaxxon25 said...

ARGH! I missed the Ropers! Drop me an e-mail at, I'd love to trade for these tracks. Need any Rocketship 7" mp3's? I have others as well, just send me a note!