My Bloody Valentine - The Re-Release By My Bloody Valentine

Here's one that should drum up some traffic on YSKOD. It's a bootleg version of My Bloody Valentine's 1986 EP "The New Record By My Bloody Valentine" released on the bogus "Recreation Records" (an, um, side-splitting zinger of a pun on the UK's famous Creation Records label) in 1991. This is one of the first handful of singles I bought after cassettes and CDs took over the world; I picked it up at a record convention in Winnipeg for CDN$6. Interestingly, the recordings I've made from this 7" sound different than the versions I have of the original EP...this could be due to differences in the vinyl-rips, differences in the recording to vinyl, or perhaps (though I doubt it) the songs were re-recorded for this re-release. Does anyone out there actually own both 7"s? If so, do they sound the same on your turntable? Interestingly, some of the versions I've recorded sound better than the versions I have from the original EP (which I don't own, alas), but others sound more muffled. In any case, if you're an MBV fan, I hope you enjoy these bootleg versions.

Contrary to what the back of the sleeve suggests, I believe Side A contains "On Another Rainy Saturday" and "By The Danger In Your Eyes":

And I believe Side B contains "We're So Beautiful" and "Lovelee Sweet Darlene":

Here's the mediafire archive:

Normally I suffer a brief "refractionary period" with songs I post. By the time I get them into mp3 form, posted on the file host, and described on the blog, I'm a bit tired of them. Not so with these four....I've listened to the EP 5 times in a row (possibly a record for me) and I'm still digging it. Classic pre-shoegaze shoegaze reminiscent of early Jesus and Mary Chain perhaps, but poppier. You'll notice that the singer is not Kevin Shields and is certainly not Belinda Butcher. It's a guy named Dave Conway who left the band soon after. This EP is often written off as vastly inferior to the Strawberry Wine EP, and I agree it's not as good, but come on, it's still pretty damn cool. You can read more about MBV at this Wiki.


harold hollingsworth said...

Do you have a song off of this that you can post? I've been enjoying your blog!

Jason said...

Hi! I am so excited about this blog...amazing, you've posted some great's going to take a while to get through all this. I am a fellow 7 incher, and write about them at I should start posting some mp3's eventually...mostly I just want to point out and support places and bands who are releasing current seven inches....anyway nice work, keep it up. I'll be reading.

Anonymous said... can download all 4 songs via the mediafire link. thanks for supporting this blog.


Jeff said...

Thanks again for posting these mp3s...amazing!!!