Names For Pebbles - Imaginary Friend

Lip-smacking indie-pop suger rush, by the mysterious Names For Pebbles, off the Champagne Dance Party Compilation 7" released on Cher Doll Records in 1995. Gosh, seems longer ago than that. I wish the lyrics were better, but oh, the jangle! The jangle! Don't miss this one.

Side A - Names For Pebbles - Imaginary Friend [5 stars mp3]


harold hollingsworth said...

Cher Doll was my label at one small moment in time, great stuff!

Brushback said...

Yeah, Names For Pebbles was a Ct. band, of one Joe Maddelena-- he was in Explodee (with Greg Vegas of Monsterland and Bill Knapp of 76% Uncertain) back in the 90's, and now he's in Crooked Hook, who sound like Blue Cheer.