The Mountain Goats - Noche del Guajolote

It's been a while since I've posted a song from a compilation, and this is a real gooder, a five-star gooder, I tells ya. The "I Like Walt EP" was released on--you guessed it--Walt Records--in 1994 and it contains songs by Franklin Bruno, The Mountain Goats, Guiding Genius, Dump, Marcellus Hall, and Butterglory. Three of them get 4 stars from me, but The Mountain Goats song is a 5-star favourite of my wife and I. Indie-folk genius that begs for a campfire. Enjoy.

Side A - The Mountain Goats - Noche del Guajolote [5 stars mp3]

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harold hollingsworth said...

Good stuff, nice to have your blog on the web, I'm having all sorts of flashbacks!