Antiseptic Beauty - Nothing Gives

Here's a song I am very happy to have in mp3 format at last. Antiseptic Beauty were from Derby in the UK, and according to the insert included with this 7" "Antiseptic Beauty still haven't caught the fickle gaze of the British music press...although they showed the way long before the Pale Saints and the Boo Radleys". This song takes a loooooong time to get going, but if you are patient you will be richly rewarded. "Nothing Gives" comes from the A-side of a 1993 Split Single Club 7" on Belgium's Contrast Records label (CT 001). Only 500 copies were made, and mine is number 164. The B-sides by Mosaic Eyes and Les Autres are also very good.

Side A - Antiseptic Beauty - Nothing Gives [4 stars mp3]

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Good song from an good band