Evil Wiener - Happy Holidays

OK, I'm caving in and have decided to post ONE Christmas 7" this year. Evil Wiener released this gem sometime in the early 1990s on Flavor Contra records, based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I'm not sure if it's intentional, but the band name is listed as "Evil Weiner" on the back of the sleeve. Not the preferred spelling of wiener, as Martin Prince tells us. Unbelievably, if you live anywhere near Chapel Hill then on Friday you can go hear Evil Wiener's Christmas Show at The Cave. Wow, a band on my blog may still exist!

Side A - Evil Wiener - Secret Santa [3 stars mp3]

Side B - Evil Wiener - Mistletoe Head [2 stars mp3]

Side B - Evil Wiener - All Around The World [4 stars mp3]

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