The Summer Hits - Beaches and Canyons CD

Thanks to a reader comment, I learned about this hard-to-find 16-song compilation of The Summer Hits 1992-96 output, released on Christmas Records in ~1996. Rad California-style Beach-Boys-on-Shrooms indie rock by a band that was Further, then splintered off into Beechwood Sparks, The Tyde, etc. I found a sleeveless copy for $3 at CD BBQ and am sharing it with you, so get your Dig! on! Hope you can make out the manifesto on the CD.

Sample mp3: The Summer Hits - Preference
Full download:


Anonymous said...

3 bucks! This is impossible to get. Thanks so much for posting.

DJs Ariel, Frances and Kelly said...

None of the summer hits links work anymore! You probably had to take them down, is there any chance you could email ( me some of the zip files directly? I really want to get my hands on at least a few of their tracks! thanks!

mike said...

I have to agree with DJs Ariel, Frances and Kelly. The link does not work anymore.
If you can please email a copy to

Lauren said...

please update the link! i'm fiending for this album.