Submarine - Submarine CD and Kiss Me Till Your Ears Burn Off CD

"If it ever stops raining, let's buy a car..."
Sample mp3: Submarine - Jnr. Elvis

"Let's just fuck in your car forever, let's just spend a day together..."
Sample mp3: Submarine - Smile

I have California-era Rena to thank for introducing me to the Sublime Submarine, whose two albums deserve to be heard by every Pablo Honey Powered Indie Rock Fan out there. These are the 1994 versions of their self-titled album (Ultimate Records) and KMTYEBO (Fantastik! Records). Masterful melancholia, both. As the band says, "I'd rather feel bad, than feel nothing at all." Lost love? Bad day? Look no further. Here's your ticket to wallow and/or transcend.

Download both albums here:


...///...///...///...///.../// said...

seriously right now you are #1 in my book for posting these extremely hard to find albums. cheers.

thades said...

Submarines follow-up album "She don't like the Bee-gees", which remained unreleased for over ten years, has recenly been issued on Taky Recordings.