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The next stop on the D-train is NYC, circa 1993-94, where we will hang out in the Threadwaxing Space and listen to a band most of us know nothing about: DQE. Turns out that Grace Braun, the leader of this Atlanta-based band, is still in the biz, self-releasing some terrific indie folk with a lyrical acumen reviewers have compared to Iris Dement and Richard Buckner no less. You may wish to check out her myspace page here. Home is not a stellar song, but it's good in as much as it reminds me of The Cannanes, a long-running Australian indie-pop outfit I hold in high esteem. All the songs on Threadwaxing Space Live: The Presidential Compilation 1993-1994 were recorded live in this artspace. Or were they? The note on the back of the album implies that some of the songs may not have been recorded live: "Inquiries (specifically re the fake live one): e.mail TheDr.Blue@aol.com". Anyone out there have the poop? Is this the beginning of Threadwaxinggate?

Side B mp3: DQE - Home

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Mike said...

i can't vouch for the others, but i was AT the dqe show captured on this cd, and can hear myself saying "whoo!" at the end.