The Dambuilders - Pennsylvania

This week marks the final voyage of the D-train. Our first stop is a short one, from a pretty in pink marbled slab of 10" compilation, Why Do You Think They Call It Pop?, released on Pop Narcotic in 1993. The Dambuilders beat Sufjan Stevens to the concept of writing 50 songs, one for each state of unitedness. I don't know if they ever completed this project, but thankfully Pennyslvania got a look in here, thus facilitating the YSKOD rubric. The other bands included on this 20" release are Sleepyhead, Small Factory, Versus, Polvo, Monsterland, Wingtip Sloat, Helium, Ruby Falls, Twig, Greenhorn, Kudgel, and Grifters. Unfortunately, despite an all-star cast, for me this comp turned out to be style over substance...the gorgeous packaging trumped the tunes.

Side A mp3: The Dambuilders - Pennsylvania

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