Bomb Pops - Girl Daredevil/Riverside 7"

Here are both songs from Bomb Pops' 2nd 7" single, released on A Turntable Friend in 1994. The A-side is an especially welcoming burst of indie pop, recommended for fans of Sarah Records and The Field Mice in particular. The B-side is a bit slower and more The Ropersesque, to be needlessly esoteric about it.

Side A mp3: Bomb Pops - Girl Daredevil
Side B mp3: Bomb Pops - Riverside


Anonymous said...

I just discovered that both of these songs, as well as songs from Bomb Pops other releases, were collected on 1999's "Recommended for Diversion Seekers", which is available for download on eMusic.


Providence said...

I wrote that song--both, in fact. & The Ropers never crossed my tuntable. Eerie.