Asha Vida - Eskimo Summer 7"

Asha Vida's 7" debut made a minor splash back in 1993 when it came out on Michigan label Audrey's Diary. The band managed to carve out a unique sound from their chunk of space rock. Both songs take their time to build, so give your poor mouse a rest. The B-side is dubbed "experiments in three tracks" but it contains five movements (dimwit, soft hollow, penny wise, drop of a waterfall, as eileene against a wall) and ends with a sample of someone saying "Two? What do you mean you only owe me two?". Oh indie rock, you subvert me so.

Side A mp3: Asha Vida - Eskimo Summer
Side B mp3: Asha Vida - Stellar Voices

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Anonymous said...

brilliant stuff mate. No other blog out there has such unique, amazing songs. Keep em coming!
JHA, London