Windy & Carl - Program (Silver Apples cover)

In 1995, UK-based Enraptured Records released 1,000 copies of a 10" tribute to the Silver Apples, featuring songs by Windy & Carl, Scaredycat, Third Eye Foundation, Flowchart, and Sabine. It was later re-released on CD but I'm sure even the CDs are scarce as hen's teeth now. It's a great record. Here's the spooky FSA-like opener.

Side A - Windy & Carl - Program (Silver Apples cover) [4 stars mp3]


harold hollingsworth said...

Very nice, I'm just painting here in my studio along to this, thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the encouragement, harold! you're a lot more prolofic at painting than i am at posting.


harold hollingsworth said...

It's not a competition, but I look forward to more of your fine record collection being uploaded!