Whorl - Maybe It's Better

Whorl released two singles on Slumberland and a compilation track on SpinArt's One Last Kiss Compilation CD before folding. Their first single, Mind Revolution/Stupid Shit, is perhaps the least Slumberland Recordsy record you're likely to hear. It's Orifice meets Godflesh. It's great. Their second single, Christmas/Maybe It's Better, is much more of an indie pop affair. I wouldn't trade either, except maybe for a little more, but by far my favourite song is the last of these four. It sounds like someone peeled off the layers of mars bars from a Flying Saucer Attack song to reveal a perfect little pop confection. And you can't go wrong with the Wedding Presenty chorus, which takes its sweet time to melt in your ears.

Side B - Whorl - Maybe It's Better [5 stars mp3]

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