YSKOD Contest #1

Enough of all this giving on YSKOD...it's time to give something back! In going through my discography I found that I have two copies of this Tsunami 7". So let's have a YSKOD contest, shall we? Indeed, we shall and are. The first person to post the names of the two songs on this record in the comments section, who also includes his/her mailing address, will receive this record in the mail.


Anonymous said...

A Gold Digger
B Load Hog

Is it possible you could email me and I'll send you my address? I'm a little hesitant to post it on a blog. anyway,

silas@xtrasauce dotcom

is my email address thanks,


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Shawn.

I'll email you for your address...


Anonymous said...

hey, got the single today. thanks for that.