Twitch Hazel - Believe

Here's another one of my earliest mail order treats. I bought a copy of a Fudge 7" in a store, then mail ordered away for the Kramer's Beach Double 7" on Richmond VA's Brilliant Records which featured four Twitch Hazel songs on red vinyl and two by The Technical Jed on blue vinyl. What a deal. You see, Twitch Hazel morphed into Fudge, but then briefly reTwitchHazelized in 1993 to record this set of "pre-Fudge artifacts". I'm glad they did, because all four songs are solid.

Side A - Twitch Hazel - Believe [4 stars mp3]


Anonymous said...

I spent the past 2 hours browsing around your blog, impressive work..But seriously, you should consider posting the whole records when they're obviously not available anymore ( except on ebay,that is..). Looking forward to your next posts!

Brushback said...

I think only posting some of the songs is cool. Not hearing all of the other dreck increases the mystery and appeal of these little EPs and singles.