Unrest - Teenage Suicide

Teenage suicide, don't do it! But as long as you keep your tongue planted firmly in cheek, go ahead and download this rockin' good 1992 Peel Session version of "Teenage Suicide" from a bootleg 7" EP released in 1993. All you zany theme bloggers take note: There are more than enough songs with "teenage" in the title out there awaiting compilation. The Candyskins even released a completely different song called "Teenage Suicide" on their Death of a Minor TV Celebrity album in 1998...it's nowhere near as good as this one.

Side A - Unrest - Teenage Suicide [4 stars mp3]

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chnkltgy said...

Embarassingly, I was trading tapes with the guy that made this and a slew of OTHER bootleg 7"s and 12"s off the tapes I sent him. I wish these sounded better.