Unrest - So Sick

Ever get the feeling Ye Olde Discographee is a little short in U-band breadth? Oh well, it's a boon for Unrest fans, who hopefully do not number more than 100 as I'm also a little short in mp3-host-bandwidth this month (hence I'll be snipping old mp3 links pretty quickly from now on...so tune in weekly or you may miss out). Here's "So Sick" from the 2,000 copy tour 7" released on Unrest's Mark Robinson's Teen Beat label in 1993. This A-side song appears on 1993's Perfect Teeth album, and an extended version of the B-side "Vibe Out" appears on the 1993 Cath Carroll EP.

Side A - Unrest - So Sick [3 stars mp3]

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