Cardinal Sin - Market Street

I'm trying to remember how I acquired this one. I seem to recall that I traded a stack of singles with a guy in Australia (coincidentally; see previous post), using an old email list called Indie List Exchange. I think the list was run by Douglas Wolk (or was it?), who is now a professional music journalist. People would post stuff they wanted to trade or sell to the list, and if you were interested, you would email the person and work out the details. None of this anonymous mp3 downloading like the kids (and I) do these days. The downside of this deal was that I got killed by Canadian was supposed to cost me less than CDN$1 per 7" but by the time customs got through with me, it was double or triple that. So: Advantage mp3! Anyway, this 7" was just throw in among 30 or so (I think), and I didn't much like it at the time. But now, more than a decade later, I've had a change of heart. "Market Street" is everything a 7" song should be...unique, odd, interesting, and fun. It's not great, alas, but fans of outsider music may wish to take note. The B-side, "Angela Carter" is a much prettier little ditty that I may post when the C-train comes around again. This 7" was released on Goleta, California's Blackjack Records in 1990. And, according to the caption at the bottom of the sleeve, "This record is BLESSED!! If you don't like it go fuck yourself!!" Tisk, tisk. How sinful.

Side A - Cardinal Sin - Market Street [3 stars mp3]

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