Something Pretty Beautiful - A Brilliant Compilation CD

Not sure if this compilation was named after the band, but it's apt! Apt! I think I've posted almost every Brilliant Records release, and it's time to post this 19-song tour de force from 1993 that features Fudge, Small Factory, Tree Fort Angst, The Waking Hours, All About Chad, Schwa (VA), Ultra Cindy, The Tribbles, Lorelei, Fudge (again), The Technical Jed, The Lid, Veronica Lake, The Magpies, Twitch Hazel, The Knievels, The Waking Hours (again), Petals, and Jane Pow. Wow.

Sample mp3: All About Chad - I Can't Sleep
Full download:


jacob said...

I once had this compilation and would love to hear it again. but zshare loops again and again. Any ideas what's wrong?

Anonymous said...

ditto. i think i ended up misplacing or selling this. i can't remeber, but would love to hear it again! dl link doesn't work.

Orange said...

Man, hate to bother you. I think the stuff you did with this site was amazing, bt I feel like I really showed up to the party late. Anyway, the music you've provided has been fantastic and invaluable, I really feel like it's helped me to broaden my musical horizons. I downloaded this comp once from here about six months ago, but I had computer problems and lost everything. And then my crappy external hard drive died and I lost the only back-ups I had. I understand you might be busy or tired of this by now, but the file has expired and I was wondering if you could bother to re-upload it for me. No pressure or hard feelings, this was just one release in particular I really miss having.

Thanks so much for what you did here. It was pretty awesome.