The Ropers - All their singles and compilation tracks

"i fell asleep," she said.
"missed my stop; i fell asleep"
"well." i said with a puff of cigarette.
"can you tell me where i am?"
i looked at my feet and scratched my head, thinking. a rain drop ran down my nose and i said, "i wish i knew; i did the same thing...wanna go get a drink?"
- from the sleeve of The Ropers EP (original source unknown)

I'm so grateful that Moscow Olympics have taken up the torch of creating consistently momentous indie pop songs; their new album "Cut the World" is astoundingly good. I haven't heard something as lovely and catchy since The Ropers, whose singles and compilation appearances I herein bequeath to you. The archive below contains all of the following goodies...

1. The 6-song Ropers CD EP from (Slumberland Records, 1994), which compiles 1993's Sunbathe and 1994's I Don't Mind 7" Slumberland singles, plus one extra track (September's Rain).
2. Both songs from the Why Popstars Can't Dance compilation double LP (Slumberland Records, 1994).
3. Boyracer/The Ropers tour 7" split (Slumberland Records, 1994).
4. The Ropers/The Tribbles 7" split (Brilliant Records/Giant Pool Balls, 1994).
5. Revolver/Transparent Day 7" (Slumberland Records, 1995).
6. Cover of The Cure's "Jumping Someone Else's Train" from Give Me The Cure: A Tribute to the Cure compilation CD (Radiopaque/Corduroy, 1995).

Did I miss anything? If you enjoy these songs, you should seek out their two full length albums too: All The Time (Slumberland, 1995), and The World Is Fire (Teenbeat, 1997). Neither captures the full glory of these early releases, but both albums are still very solid. My favourite Ropers song is Waiting for you below.

Sample mp3: The Ropers - Waiting
Full download:


L said...

I'd listened to a few Ropers tunes before but wasn't crazy about them. Just listened to Waiting and loved it. So now I'm going to listen to these early tunes that you have so generously provided (this looks fairly time consuming to assemble, so Muchas Gracias) and revamp my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Any way you could re-up this? I think it expired...

Anonymous said...

great, classic band.

Brian said...

Link is dead! Please re-up!