Raw Energy - "On the Road" Compilation CD

A&M records released this Raw Energy label sampler of Canadian indie rock in 1993, featuring a comic strip called "On the Road". Sadly, even though the CD features the likes of Dinner is Ruined, Groovy Religion, HHead, King Cobb Steelie, The Imagineers, Jale, Cottage Industry, Yeti, Wooden Stars, Spool, Wining Dining & Drilling, Deadbeat Backbone, Eric's Trip, and Change of Heart, you should feel free to give it a miss unless you were a Canuck in Ontario or the East Coast at the time. The best of this bunch is below.

Sample mp3: Wooden Stars - Hate Everyone
Full download: http://www.zshare.net/download/1284188086305d67/


Anonymous said...

just wanted to say thanks so much. This is the only music blog where I haven't missed a download in over 7 months. I listen to the music you post more than anything else in my collection. never stop thank you again!

G said...

Gosh. Thanks! I was wondering if I had any regular visitors. As for the stopping...brace yourself. This is the final pass through the alphabet...I want to end on high notes, and stick to posting stuff that's not commonplace on other blogs. We should be done by July.


13dada.fish said...

yeah YSKOD, kudos. Thanks for all of this great music. I'm from Arlington and it's great to be able to still find simple machine records or unrest or eggs. Is there any chance that you are still taking requests. I click on that Tsunami Matchbook link every once in a while just hoping.... Thanks again, and Boyracer and Good Horsey, thank you for posting those excellent records... just thank you.