Pyloric Waves - Compilation CD

D-Tox Records released this 19-song meat-and-plastic-Slinky-covered compilation of the burgeoning Chapel Hill indie music scene in 1992, featuring Well Nigh Forgotten, Picasso Trigger, Blue-Green Gods, Matt Malloy, Slowchange Madegascar, Polvo, Geezer Lake, Orifice, Vanilla Trainwreck, Toxic Popsicle, Boil, Shiny Beast, Camper Van Chadbourne, Eighthundred, Superchunk, Erectus Monotone, Bicycle Face, and bookended by the BORE-Radio-reminiscent Robert Delaney. I'm not sure what a Pyloric Wave is, but it may well have something to do with digestion. Was D-Tox trying to give us waves of nausea with this here US indie rock comp? Did they succeed? Best keep a few Rolaids handy just in case.

Sample mp3: Shiny Beast - Texasatan
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Nate Dingley (Portland, ME) said...

I picked up this CD at least a year or two ago, I believe for free, or at least at a massive discount. I don't know why but I ripped it and dismissed it quickly not knowing a single band listed. Today though after taking a listen to the tracks from Erectus Monotone and Superchunk I'm going to give this compilation a serious look as it seems a snapshot of an important piece of rock history. Aparently this is a fairly rare album too, as it isn't even listed on Amazon or even on Wiki