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I recently stumbled across a rare copy of Orange's self-titled (hence virtually unsearchable) CD at CD BBQ, hence I only have the CD and no cover, hence I'm not awkwardly holding the cover in front of my Mac's photo booth camera for once. I don't really understand CD BBQ logic. They don't send you the damn sleeve...but how much do they weigh, really, and how much space do they take up on their shelves? The good news is that thanks to them, you can now download their only full-length album, released on Dewdrops in 1994. Highly recommended for fans of Cocteau Twins, Alison's Halo, and their ilk. The singer's voice is sweet, not syrupy, and there's some great shoegaze guitar flourishes that Slowdivers will relish all the way down to the bottom of the soundpool. Includes "Feijoa" which I posted earlier from the Tangible Box Set to a rave review or two. More bonus: the archive includes Orange's cover of The Pixies' "Gigantic" from 1993's Thurtene: A Tribute to 4AD. Prepare to swoon.

Sample mp3: Orange - Seahorse
Full download:

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Thanks! Would someday you post Tribute to 4AD album? Cool!