The Noise and the Melodies - The Pearl Compilation CD

Excellent and rare hand-numbered 20-song compilation released by Germany's Pearl Fanzine in 1993, featuring Antiseptic Beauty, The Tony Head Experience, Lorelei, Red Letter Day, Flowerpornoes, Usura, Mosaic Eyes, Ecstasy of Saint Theresa, Die Regierung, Eva Luna, Acid House Kings, Adam Met Karl, Die Sterne, 18th Dye, U Thant, Hip Young Things, Des Garcons Ordinaires, Lucievacarme, Die Allwissende Billardkugel, and Fflaps. It certainly inspired me to get busy knowing some of these bands' discographies. Lots of pleasant surprises here.

Sample mp3: Des Garcons Ordinaires - Galaxy
Full download:

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Good indie compilation