Going Against Maz's Advice - Four Letter Words Compilation CD

Totally fun 21-song "international compilation of rock & fucking roll!" released on Four Letter Words in 1994, featuring The Summer Hits, Cat's Miaow, Starstreamer, Belmondo, Holiday Flyer, Orange Cake Mix, Tricycle Popstar, and Boyracer. "Total running time: 15 fucking hours". "Part one of HOT DOG! We've Got A Wiener!". Part two was supposed to appear on Somersault Records...but I don't think it ever did. The sleeve design was done by our old friend and sometimes mailer Chip Porter, and the insert features Tim Sendra of Veronica Lake and Madison Electric fame supine in front of his records wearing an MC5 shirt. All that plus Boyracer covering Henry's Dress. How can you go wrong?

Sample mp3: Boyracer - Feathers (Henry's Dress cover)
Download: http://www.zshare.net/download/107612052e284894/


andy said...

this is ace! I had completely forgot about the sweetness of Holiday Flyer. The Boyracer tracks are neat, too. Cheers!

oli said...

I remember buying this through the Darla mail order service. Back then the US$ was as cheap ... as it is now! Funny coincidence. Holyday Flyer, Cat's Miaow and Boyracer on the same CD ... life was sweet :)