Ecstasy of Saint Theresa - Free D (Original Soundtrack) CD

I was woozy with anticipation when I received this Free Records CD in the mail back in 1994. I was awestruck by their 1993 Fluidtrance Centauri EP (look up) and here was an overpriced, import-only full-lengther! Hot plain damn. I was so disappointed by replaced with bleeps and bloops and wind sounds...and bird calls? Huh? I still lament EofST's paradigm shift when they were at the height of their powers, but I don't hate this album. In fact, it's a very compelling listen. I particularly enjoy it when I'm sick, after ingesting lots of cold meds. Makes me feel pretty spaced out and, well, better (if not ecstatic). Gorgeous packaging's not often that CD artwork rivals album artwork.

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The Gosub Routine said...

many thanks (again!).

I think i remember this, let's see...

Fatty Ghettoblaster said...

Thank you so much !!

Ive been after this for 10 years after my digipack was stolen

One of the greatest ambient lps ever made

You the man

Anonymous said...

I remember hearing/seeing this at Go! CDs back in the day. It was something I always meant to pick up, but I could never justify the 20-25 bucks to do it.