Nipple Hardness Factor #7 - Sammy/Blonde Redhead 7"

More rubric departure of the same ilk. This split 7" came my way in Fall of 1994 with a phun fotocopied quarterly L.A.-based zineful of reviews (Issue #7; $3.50), or is it the other way round? NHF was "a quarterly dedicated to pint size vinyl that makes yer chest 3-D!" and the official rating guide for reviews was as follows: 4 nipples = should buy, 3 nipples = so give it a try, 2 nipples = maybe, buy a pie, 1 nipple = grab a large french frie. Both songs here are good, but Sammy's side makes mine perkier. This was the first issue of the zine to feature a 7" ("Misha Records presents...") and I'm not sure whether it was the only one to have done so.

Side A mp3: Sammy - Irene
Side B mp3: Blonde Redhead - Inside You


pla said...

There's at least one more issue of Nipple Hardness Factor that came with a 7". Issue #8 was pretty much all Refrigerator songs, plus the Nothing Pained Blue cover of "Anti-Nomination" that eventually showed up on their singles/rarities comp.

Anonymous said...

Good work, tiger! Have been looking for this Sammy track for ages. Thanks!