Fuxa - Free Your Soul 7" EP

Stonerdroned spacerockers Fuxa (with an umlaut I couldn't figure out how to add, and pronounced "fuschia") released this EP in 1995 on Burnt Hair Records, whose icon is someone burning his/her hair while toking. The good news is that the A-side is lovely, and the B-side, if you like bongos and are not bothered if nothing much happens, is not so worse neither. Each side technically contains 3 songs/movements, but I've recorded each side as a single mp3 because, well, because. These songs were likely later compiled on the 3 Field Rotation CD (see their wiki), but here they are recorded on "herb green vinyl in support of the legalization." Free your, ahem, soul, dude.

Side A mp3: Fuxa - Main Sequence Diffusion, Photon, Lajolla
Side B mp3: Fuxa - Subway Short, Free Your Soul, First Obductions


chnkltgy said...

One of their better singles! Good call!

harold hollingsworth said...

this single was my first exposure to Fuxa in the day, and I love it still!

audiopants said...

Oh man, it isn't letting me download this but I have that Fuxa/Bright split 7" from a long time ago on pink vinyl and it is totally sick! I should rip that.