Crayon - Moominland EP 7"

Crayon took a Jekyll and Hyde approach to their music. Half their songs are fun twee pop, half are indie rock with a punk attitude, and half mix the two together. Somehow the math adds up. Crayon released four 7"s worth of scribbles on Harriet Records, including 1992's six-song Moominland EP (see Crayon on TweeNet for a full list). I quite like half these songs; what about you?

Side A mp3: Crayon - Secret Goldfish
Side A mp3: Crayon - St. Michael and the Killer Whale
Side A mp3: Crayon - Cupid Said
Side B mp3: Crayon - Sit By Me
Side B mp3: Crayon - All the Stars
Side B mp3: Crayon - Barney, Garney


A+A said...

Ah, the memories. Awesome of you to post this. (Don't happen to have "Green Stamps" do you?)

harold hollingsworth said...

nice memories hearing the Moominland EP again...nice post, thanks for the comeback!

Yedna said...

Harriet always put out great stuff. I loved Sean Tollefson's solo work as 'Six Cents & Natalie' also.