Thumbling - Butterfield Eight

In 1993, Chip Porter began "a compilation series of mellifluent space rock" called Kometen Melodies on his Audrey's Diary label out of Howell, Michigan. Volume 1 featured Thumbling on Side A, and Chip's own band Sabine (featured on YSKOD last week) was caught on the flipside. Thumbling's contribution proves more successful, at least to my ears. "Butterfield Eight" is classic build-then-destroy space rock, starting out gently before sticking it to your three small bones. It'll make your hammer knock, your anvil clang, and your stirrup stir. Your tempanic membrane will flutter, and your cochlea hairs will send tingles up your auditory nerve into your auditory cortex, which will connect to your knee bone (everything does) to give you a blissed-out patellar-reflex kick. Possibly. To my knowledge, this series stalled out at Volume The First, so it's not really a series, but rather a tasty slab of ephemera.

Side A - Thumbing - Butterfield Eight [4 stars mp3]

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