King Cobb Steelie - One's a Heifer

On the minus side, I only have one piece of vinyl by an indie band starting with a K. On the plus side, it's a Canadian band, so up goes YSKOD's Can-Con ratio (that's Canadian Content, folks). KCS were from Guelph, Ontario. I picked up this self-released 7" at a show they did in Winnipeg in around 92-93. They were better live than this rather dated-sounding indie-rock song suggests. I'm always suspicious of songs that sound angry but could be about making a grilled cheese sandwich for all the lyrics convey. It's also quite possible that I'm just not listening closely enough. Years of listening to shoegaze (where every other song seems to be about the sun, a wave, the moon, the tides, a vapour trail, dusk and/or dawn, some sophomoric metaphor for being "high", being blind, or smootching) has discouraged me from listening to song lyrics too closely unless I catch some encouraging snippets or know the lyricist will deliver the goods. Surely I've discouraged you enough that you must give this a listen now, no? Dare you disagree with my lowly 2-star attribution?

Side A - King Cobb Steelie - One's A Heifer [2 stars mp3]


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. I saw them for the first time in Toronto (circa 1998) and they played songs from the Junior Relaxer cd. It was amazing. CBC Radio One taped the whole show. It was later played on 'Brave New Wawe' with Patti Schmitt (CBC). There live performances were incredible.


freqazoidiac said...

they will be, if not already considered legends here in Ontario canada.. I first heard these guys from a friend who caught a show in Guelph in 92 and played the tape he got was good vibes..then like the other commenter mentioned..CBC played these guys, especially Patti Schmitt (very sexy voice on that host) on Brave New Waves through out the years. Interesting fact that Bill Laswell produced their 2nd LP! I have to track that one down! :D