Idaho - Bayonet EP

More Idaho for you. Here are a couple of songs from their limited edition 10" EP "Bayonet" released on Fingerpaint Records in 1995. Mine is number 409, but I don't know how many were pressed. The vinyl version includes 3 tracks not on the CD version, but two of these are just atmospheric soundscapes (codename for "throwaways"). However, I really like Juke was recorded in 1990 when John Berry was still part of the band. It indeed sounds like a haunted jukebox. The A-side song "The Worm" is classic down-in-the-mouth-indie-rock-style Idaho. So, eat your potatoes; see you next week.

Side A - Idaho - The Worm [3 stars mp3]

Side B - Idaho - Juke Box [4 stars mp3]

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rick reese said...

I figured I'd tell you that I'm in love with your blog. Great idea and thanks for sharing (esp. HEnry's Dress)