Guided By Voices - Freedom Cruise/Nightwalker

This is something of a rarity, posted for serious GBV fans only (most of whom will already have this by hook or by crook). Bob Pollard and/or the GBV posse recorded this 7" (possibly while drunk) under two fictitious monikers--The Freedom Cruise and Nightwalker--for Simple Solution Records out of Dayton, OH, who released it on ugly grey vinyl back in 1994. Not Pollard's finest moment by any means. But the guy has recorded more than 1,000 songs by now, at least, so they can't all be gems.

Here's Side A, featuring The Freedom Cruise's aptly-named "Cruise"...a song so dull no one seemed to notice or mind that it didn't quite fit on the 45:

Side A - Freedom Cruise - Cruise [2 stars mp3]

Side B, Nightwalker's "Lucifer's Aching Revolver", is only slightly better:

Side B - Nightwalker - Lucifer's Aching Revolver [2 stars mp3]

So there. As much as I love GBV, I don't subscribe to the "Shit Midas" view of the band. They recorded a lot of 4-or-5-star songs, but more than a few monkey-typewritten ones too.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your blog; Cruise is quite forgettable, a messy throwaway dirge. Lucifers Revolver in comparison is almost up to normal GBV standards.

Shore said...

I've heard of Lucifer's Aching Revolver...Nice song.