Eric's Trip - Redhaired Girl/All I Want To Do

Absent punctuation aside, there can be no doubt that this trip to Stereo Mountain was taken by none other than Eric. There was definitely something potent in the water, never mind the molluscs, in the early 90s on the east coast of Canada, spawning bands such as Eric's Trip, Sloan, Jale, and many more. I was lucky enough to see Eric's Trip in a tiny, packed venue in Winnipeg before the band disintegrated, bifurcating Julie Doiron from Rick White and crew. It was one of the loudest, sweatiest, and best all-out indie rock shows I've ever seen. Ah, memory. Disques NIM, based in Eric's Trip's hometown of Moncton, New Brunswick, released 500 copies of this great EP in 1992 and it was so popular they printed another 500 and I managed to get my meat hooks on one. Here are both songs from the B-side. "Redhaired girl" absolutely nails the infectiousness that indie poppers strive for and thrive on, and "All I Want To Do" showcases the band's introspective, somewhat stoned and congested, and intimate side.

Side B - Eric's Trip - Redhaired Girl [5 stars mp3]

Side B - Eric's Trip - All I Want To Do [4 stars mp3]

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