East River Pipe - Fan the Flame/Sleeping with Tallboy

Here are two of FM Cornog's early NY-apartment-recorded 4-track songs, from the Bring on the Loser 7", released on Merge Records in 1995. "Sleeping with Tallboy" predates Sleeping States' similarly lovely "Rivers" by a good decade, so Booyah to East River Pipe. "Fan the Flame" is a short instrumental that works well as an appetizer for the main course.

Side B - East River Pipe - Fan the Flame [3 stars mp3]

Side B - East River Pipe - Sleeping with Tallboy [5 stars mp3]

The A-side song "Bring on the Loser" is compiled on the excellent "Poor Fricky" CD that was released on Sarah Records in 1994; it may still be available via Merge. Poor Fricky indeed:

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