Blanket - Picked Apart

I don't know a darn thing about this band Blanket, other than that they released the Ocean/Picked Apart 7" on Seattle's Cher Doll Records in 1994, and that it's quite good. It should appeal to fans of the Galaxie 500 sound.

Side B - Blanket - Picked Apart [4 stars mp3]


harold hollingsworth said...

I was in Blanket, along with Blaine Dollard, Gary Bedell, Garth Tutor, and my brother John Hollingsworth, now a photographer. Johnny sings the main part and Garth follows with vocals. Johnny wrote the lyrics, but we were pretty democratic about the writing of the music, letting everyone place in what they wanted and felt worked. We fell apart pretty fast, Johnny, Gary and I went on to do a short lived band called Sno*Boy, and after that I went on to play in Tullycraft for quite sometime. Nice memories I must say.

harold hollingsworth said...

actually, I believe Johnny came in with the basic long ago...oh and we were based in Seattle.