Marzipan - I Believe/Last Train to the Sun

I really like this single, but whoever recorded it had the input cranked up to the proverbial 11, so almost every note is clipped. In Audacity, the waveform literally looks like a wall of sound, see:

Unfortunately, there's nothing one can do to restore the missing data, so the songs sound a bit, well, clipped. Let that be a lesson to all you well-intentioned indie rockers out there: turn the input down a little when recording; we can always turn it up at our end. I'm sure you've all noticed that songs sound "louder" these days than they did 10 years ago; this is why. It's kind of too bad that clipping is the new norm, because it produces imperfect recordings. Then again, all my stuff's in lossy mp3 format anyway, and I'm recording from vinyl using a so-so USB turntable and so-so software, so who bloody cares...let's rock!

I can't decide which song I like better, so here's both songs from this 7" released in 1992 on the aptly named Echonet label out of San Fran. Awesome id damaged jangle garage pop songs that Brian Jonestown Massacre fans should relish. Do turn these songs up to 11 at your end; there's nothing left to lose...

Side A - Marzipan - I Believe [4 stars mp3]

Side B - Marzipan - Last Train to the Sun [4 stars mp3]

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